The vocal program is geared toward all interested, fourth and fifth grade students. In weekly rehearsals, students will listen to and, then, sing choral music. They will sing in small groups or with the entire section or chorus.

    Students will sing in unison or in two, independent parts.  They will sing in unison or in two parts. They will sing in the appropriate styles.  This involves: correct posture and vocal production; reading or following choral octavo; and following a conductor.  After many elements of tone, rhythm, diction, style, etc. have been thoroughly taught; students will demonstrate mastery through performances scheduled throughout the school year.

   Students will be encouraged to explore their voices and to express themselves using a pleasant tone.  High quality, choral music of various styles will be provided to broaden their vocal repertoire. Through participation, it is hoped that students will develop confidence and take pride in the contribution they make to the ensemble.

   One of the benefits of participation in a large ensemble is the joy of working with others to achieve a common goal.  This allows students to be part of something larger than themselves, to produce something of value, and to be proud of their accomplishments.  A sense of belonging, pride, and accomplishment may be transferred to other endeavors.


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