Learn how to register for the website

Dear Community Member:

In order to provide the best communication between our district and your household, we are requesting that you register on our website, and subscribe to the areas that are important to you and/or your child/children. We would also like to emphasize that you subscribe to both the building in which you child attends as well as the district site (for school closing, early dismissal, etc.)

To do this, please do the following:

1. Go to our website: www.seaford.k12.ny.us

2. Click on the Register button from our district quick links.

3. Click on user options and you will see the register. Click on that and enter your birthdate. (You must be older than 18 to do this.)
User Options

4. Please fill out the form that displays. Note that there are required fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Sign-In Name, Password and Confirming Password.
Tip: We recommend that you at least add your zip code, as this will enable you to take advantage of the distance calculation feature on this website.

5. Once you completed the registration go back to user options and select "edit account settings."
Edit account settings

6. On the left hand side click on "Subscriptions."

7 Then click on Manage
8. If you have a child or children that attends Seaford Schools, the district recommends subscribing to the District Home Page and the Home Page of the building in which your child sttends. Also, by clicking on other areas and selecting in the drop down which building or district you can subscribe to teacher sites, atheltics, Principal pages, etc. Then click I'm Done.
9. If you are a community member and would like general e-alerts. The district recommends subsribing to "Community and District Information." Please  click on the other areas at the top of the pop up window. Make sure you are in the Seaford Union Free School District. Then check off "Community and District Information." Then click I'm Done.
10. On the right hand side you will all the current sites that you have regiatered with. The subscription will enable you to receive email messages from the editors of these sections, if they decide to announce a significant update on their pages or send out important information.

11. If you would like to add additional sites click on the black "Manage Button." If you would like to remove a subscription, click on the grey remove button to the right of the site.

Thank you very much for helping us to provide exemplary communication to our parents, community members and students.


Seaford Union Free School District

If there are any problems please feel free to contact our Technology Department:
Debbie Langone
Executive Director for Instructional Technology and STEAM