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Food Service Facts



*All students are eligible for free meals for the whole school year.

(This does not include snacks or water bottles. Please have money on the students account for these purchases).


*Elementary students give their teacher their lunch order in the classroom first thing in the morning. (No pre-order forms)


*Middle School students must use the Pre-order form attached here on the Food Service page of the school website. Orders must be in before school starts for the day. (Orders can be done ahead).


*HS students can come through the serving line between 7-11 for free breakfast and lunch.


*Remote Learners (including those students quarantined or just out sick) may order bagged meals to be picked up. Use the “Remote Learners” Order form here on the website. Pick up is Tuesday (for T/W/Th) and Friday (for F/M) at the Manor front entrance between 10:30-11:30 a.m.