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Eighth Graders Tap Into Expert Knowledge at Career Day

Seaford Middle School students are getting a jump start on their futures. The annual career day for eighth graders introduced them to a wide variety of professions and will help them map out their high school experience.

The event on May 17 featured 62 professionals at 18 tables in the cafeteria and gymnasium. The guests were grouped by related careers such as business and finance, construction trades, education, health care, law enforcement, legal services, media and veterinary medicine.  

Before career day, students received a list of the different tables and submitted their top five choices to English teachers and event organizers Carin Hoy and Jen McCrystal. Once they got their assignments, they prepared questions. Throughout the morning, students attended three sessions, so everyone was able to meet with about a dozen different professionals.  

“Our guests were well prepared with information,” Ms. Hoy said. “They worked so hard to answer the kids’ questions.”

Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn from people in the field. Katie Clasen said she asked questions about the skills needed for success in their respective jobs and what a typical day is like. 

“It opened my eyes,” she said. “It helped me see what I want to do in the future and what interests me.”

Finn Curry, who explored careers in business, law enforcement and media, said he got valuable information about what each job entails.

“I liked learning about their jobs and hearing about what made them interested in doing what they do,” he said.

Ms. Hoy and Ms. McCrystal noted that several of the guests have attended the event year after year. Many are relatives of middle school students and staff. There was also strong representation from local businesses. 

Following Career Day, students will have follow-up discussions in their English classes. They will also write essays on what they learned and the careers that stood out.   

Date Added: 05/21/2024