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Seaford Boasts Pair of PTA Schools of Excellence

Seaford Harbor and Seaford Manor elementary schools have been recognized as 2022-2024 Schools of Excellence by National PTA. The honor is shared with the Harbor and Manor PTA chapters, and it is the first time that either school has received the distinction.

Harbor and Manor are among a select group of schools and PTAs nationwide to earn this designation. The Schools of Excellence program recognizes effective family-school partnerships that enrich educational experiences and overall well-being for students. 

With feedback from the school community and in partnership with school administration, each PTA identified and implemented an action plan to ensure that families, students and educators are all valued partners in the student learning experience at home and at school. These initiatives aligned with both the National Standards for Family-School Partnership. 

Highlights for the Harbor PTA included:
· Prioritizing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where families felt valued and respected. 
· Implementing strategies to improve communication channels between teachers and families, including a weekly email newsletter and the use of social media.
· Supporting student success by providing learning resources for home.
· Encouraging and empowering families to advocate for their child’s needs
· Establishing a Shared Decision committee in which parents had a voice in shaping school policies and programs. 

Highlights for the Manor PTA included:
· Advocating directly for students and families through partnerships with school staff and administration, central administration and the board of education.
· Communicating information from the school, district, board of education and community via a weekly newsletter and social media channels.
· Introducing new enrichment programs and learning opportunities for students and families such as theater and soccer clubs.
· Supporting school learning initiatives in literacy, STEM, the arts, social and emotional learning, indoor recess and the new library innovation program.
· Providing more than 75 programs throughout the year for families to connect with each other.
· Reaching its membership goal of 400 members.

“We are so proud to be recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence,” said Stefanie Brooks, president of Seaford Manor PTA. “Our work and commitment to family engagement and the family-school partnership will continue to impact the Seaford Manor School community far into the future. “When parents, students and educators feel valued and respected, they are motivated to contribute, collaborate and strengthen the student learning experience.

“The School of Excellence program highlights all the amazing things our Harbor School has to offer,” added Harbor PTA President Vanessa Krussman, “and provides us with the opportunity to implement new and beneficial programs as well as create meaningful and impactful changes within our school. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s collaboration. The Harbor’s hearts and hands, once again, work better together!”

Date Added: 09/18/2023

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