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Electrical, EMT Programs Coming To Seaford High School

Seaford High School’s course offerings will be expanded next year with the opening of an Electrical Training Center and the addition of an EMT certification course. The approval of the 2023-24 gives the green light to both programs. 
An Electrical Training Center is a nationally accredited vocational education program. Seaford will become only the fourth high school on Long Island to offer it and students will complete the training in one year.  

Principal Nicole Schnabel said that an existing technology room will be converted to serve the program, and students will be there for four periods a day. Students interested in the electrical trades no longer will go to BOCES for two years. That will give them more opportunities to take other courses and get involved in student life during their junior and senior years. 

“The main benefit is that they’ll be here in Seaford High School, so we can maintain more of a connection with our students,” Ms. Schnabel said.  

The program consists of three parts totaling 450 hours of training. Topics include introduction to the electrical trade, electrical circuits, device boxes, conductors and cables, HVAC controls and thermostats, residential electrical services, commercial wiring, basic fire alarm systems, customer relations and more. Students will also become familiar with common hand and power tools used by electricians, as well as how to properly handle materials. All instructors will be individually licensed. 

The program will be open to seniors, and several current juniors have expressed interest in learning the trade while staying in Seaford. 
“I want to be an electrician when I get older and this will give me more experience,” junior Justin Cettina said. “It’s really beneficial.”
Michael Wittenstein, a junior, said this will help him broaden his post-high school options.
Ms. Schnabel added that the program aligns with expectations for two- and four-year colleges, and also provides job placement opportunities. Every graduate receives a toolbox upon completion. 
The emergency medical technician certification course will be in partnership with the Nassau County Emergency Medical Services Academy. It will be open to seniors and meet multiple periods a day for a semester. 
Instructors will be provided by the EMS Academy. The course will feature lifelike training exercises to help students prepare for multiple emergency response scenarios. It prepares students interested in volunteering or working in emergency medical services, as well as for careers in medicine, nursing and pharmacy. 

There is also strong interest in the EMT program among juniors. Several students, like Alexandra Podesta and Jillian Gross, want to continue the family tradition of volunteering with the fire department.
“The EMS program will help me better educate myself,” said Alexandra, who is already in the Seaford junior fire department and wants to join officially when she turns 18.
"I’ve seen what they do for others,” added Jillian, who has many family members in the Wantagh Fire Department. “I want to keep it going.”
Juniors Amanda Beadle and Gianna Foglia both are interested in the EMS Academy because they want to pursue careers in nursing. Daniella Stek sees it as a way to give back to her community.
“I’ve always wanted to help as many people as I could,” she said. “Volunteering to be an EMT can make that happen.”
Date Added: 05/17/2023

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