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Music Madness Promotes Language Learning at Seaford High School

Students in Spanish classes at Seaford High School started off March by filling out their brackets, but it wasn’t for the popular college basketball tournament. Instead, they were making predictions on which songs would advance in the March Madness of Music.

Throughout the month, students in all Spanish classes have been listening to songs in the language and deciding which ones should advance. They hear two songs, then vote on their favorite.
World language department lead teacher Patricia Foley said the songs have represented a variety of genres including pop, rap, rancheros, bachata and pop Latino. Every day, students from Ms. Foley’s and Maria Accardi’s, Diana Arichabala’s and Robert Maloney’s classes can scan a QR code to vote. 
“The best way to learn Spanish is through music,” Ms. Foley said, “because you develop an ear for it. It also promotes cultural awareness.”

Date Added: 03/27/23