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Seaford’s Aspiring Leaders Tapped for HOBY Conference

From student government to clubs to sports, there are many opportunities for Seaford High School students to take on leadership roles. Four 10th graders will learn the characteristics of good student-leaders when they attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference in early June.

Luke Donovan, Mary Saporito, Faith Schaefer and Ryan Tice were selected from 11 nominated students to attend the conference, which is expected to be held virtually this year. The nominees were interviewed by a panel that included Seaford administrators, guidance counselors and students who attended the past two HOBY conferences.

Students go to the conference as sophomores because they typically take on leadership roles in school as juniors and seniors. They will get to hear from numerous guest speakers and interact with students from across the region.

“It will be good to see what it takes to be a leader, and see those qualities in other people,” said Mary, who is a member of the drama club, Model Congress and field hockey and softball teams.

Luke, who plays basketball and soccer, said it means a lot to him that Seaford High School staff and other students see his leadership potential. He hopes to use knowledge gained at the conference to make an even bigger difference in his school.

“I’d like to take what I learn and help my school be a better place,” he said.

Faith, a member of the drama club and Model Congress, as well as vice president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, added, “HOBY could teach me the leadership skills necessary to bring positive change to the school. You can meet other leaders, see their successes and talk to them about what they’ve done to get here.”

Ryan, who plays lacrosse, eagerly awaits the chance to meet new people who have different points of view.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about how other people lead,” he said.

The students added that attending the HOBY conference will be a great opportunity for personal growth and will also show their leadership potential when they apply to colleges. They also want to take what they learn and pass that knowledge on to their peers to create an entire community of strong student-leaders.

Taylor Purcell, one of four students who attended the HOBY conference in 2021, was part of several interview panels to select this year’s participants. She said her questions to the candidates were mostly about their visions to make Seaford High School even better. Her advice to the four students attending the 2022 conference is to go in with an open mind and a willingness to look at issues from different perspectives.

Date Added: 1/12/2022

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