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Seaford Students Pledge to Remain Drug Free

Throughout the Seaford School District, students made a visual statement to show their commitment to healthy living during Red Ribbon Week. All four schools joined in the national anti-drug campaign from Oct. 25-29.

Activities at Seaford High School were hosted by the Student Against Destructive Decisions club. Students signed pledges vowing to remain drug free and decorated the main hallway with red streamers. On Oct. 28, all students and staff were invited to wear red and they formed a human red ribbon in the courtyard at the end of the school day.

Red ribbons were handed out outside of the cafeteria, which students were encouraged to wear throughout the week.

“It takes a real partnership between the school, the community and the families within it to increase the probability that our students will make wise choices,” Principal Nicole Schnabel said. “We have the ribbons serve to remind students to make safe choices, and to remind adults of our role in prevention.”

Seaford Middle School had several spirit days to show schoolwide unity for the cause. On specific days, students wore red, sports jerseys, pajamas, Seaford gear and Halloween costumes. Members of the Pupil Personnel Services teams visited classrooms for discussions on topics such as how to resist peer pressure.

Students also signed their names on paper red ribbons and covered the windows
between the cafeteria and the hallway to show that “Seaford Middle School pledges to be drug free.”

At Seaford Harbor Elementary School, activities were centered around this year’s Red Ribbon Week theme, “Drug Free Looks Like Me.” Social worker Sharon Klein and psychologist Elise DeSimone conducted a series of in-person and virtual lessons with students to promote healthy living. Students and teachers could make Flipgrid videos to share the healthy choices they make and why they chose to be drug free.

Harbor also celebrated with spirit days. On Oct. 26, student donned sunglasses to show that they have bright, drug-free futures ahead.

Seaford Manor Elementary School hosted a contest for grades K-3. Each student could draw a picture or write a paragraph based on the topic,” What safety means to me.” There were also safety workshops with POP officers from the Nassau County Police Department’s 7th Precinct and an internet safety workshop for parents.