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Junior Adds Published Scientist to Her Resumé

Seaford High School junior Madison Elias has been studying the great pond snail extensively during her three years in the science research program, and now her work can be read by scientists across the world. Her article was recently published in the Journal of Emerging Investigators.

The online magazine is dedicated to publishing research by middle school and high school students. Madison’s study, “Can Green Tea Alleviate the Effects of Stress Related to Learning and Long-Term Memory in the Great Pond Snail,” was featured on the homepage of the Journal’s website after it was posted on January 30.

Madison said the seven-page article was based upon her science research as a 10th grader. She submitted it in August at the urging of science research program consultant Richard Kurtz. It was accepted in early November, which began the editorial review process. Madison worked with editors to get the story ready for publication, learning a lot along the way about the editing and revising process. She said she was very appreciative for the constructive feedback.

“It was a really great feeling to see it all come together,” she said.

This year, she is continuing to work with the great pond snail, but has shifted her focus. Her new research question is, “Can Green Tea Extend the Memory for Extinction Training in the Great Pond Snail?” Noting that the great pond snail is the “perfect model organism,” she hopes to be able to use her research and make it relevant to humans, specifically those dealing with PTSD.

Because of the hybrid schedule, Madison conducts most of her lab work at home. In school, she does her research and data analysis, and also gets feedback from the science research teachers, Janine Cupo and Mary Simons.

“I don’t think I would have had any of my success in this program if I didn’t have their constant help,” she said of Ms. Cupo, Ms. Simons and Mr. Kurtz. “They’re constantly pushing me and I appreciate that.”

Madison said she plans to enter this year’s research project into the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair as well as next year’s Regeneron Science Talent Search competition.