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Tech Mentors Support Digital Learning in Seaford

With an increased reliance on instructional technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, several tech-savvy students from Seaford High School are stepping up to help out their peers. Senior Joe Abbate founded the Tech Mentors program, a group of about a half-dozen students who lend their expertise on the district’s digital learning resources.

High school students have a mix of in-person and remote instruction each day through the hybrid learning model. Additionally, more than 90 students have opted for full-time virtual instruction. Students access and submit their coursework through the Microsoft Teams platform and also use it to participate in live instruction when learning from home. They use many different components including OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word and chat and video features.

Joe and his fellow Tech Mentors help students with their questions about the different features of Microsoft Teams as well as accessing these resources if they use a computer at home different from their district-issued laptops. Their goal is to make it easier for students to navigate the wealth of digital tools at their disposal.

The Tech Mentors can also let students know if a problem is likely a software or hardware issue that requires them bringing their device to the district’s technology department. Students can simply send an email to the Tech Mentors with their issue and someone will respond.

Joe has long been interested in technology and likes to help others become more comfortable using it. When the school year began, he sought out other tech-savvy students to join him in Tech Mentors.

“I just want to help out in any way that I can,” he said, “and this is a good way in which I can contribute to the school.”