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Manor Students Publish Mental Wellness Book

Social and emotional development is a major emphasis throughout the Seaford School District, and students at Seaford Manor Elementary School recently did their part to spread the word. Fifth graders in Meghan Hunt’s class recently published a book, “Guide to a Better You!”

Each student in the class contributed an essay or story and a corresponding illustration. They wrote about many different topics including the 16 Habits of Mind, character traits and mindfulness. Being positive, showing kindness, setting goals and friendship were among the concepts students wrote about.

Ms. Hunt said her students recognize the importance of mental well-being and wanted to create a project that could serve as a resource for themselves and others. She said a small number of books were printed, in both soft and hardcover formats, and most of her students purchased a copy as a fifth grade memory.

“This came from the kids,” she said. “It was their interpretation of what we’ve been learning about self-care.”

Students said they hope this book can spread an important message of caring and kindness, and continue to make a Manor a place where everyone feels good about themselves. Noted Harrison Feitzinger, “So everyone knows it’s important to be a kind person and to be positive.”