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A Safe Return to School in Seaford

Students stepped foot in Seaford’s four schools for the first time since mid-March as the 2020-21 school year opened on Sept. 8. But, as life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a little bit different, so was the reopening of school.

Seaford’s new year is beginning gradually, with days set aside during the first week for specific grades to attend school so students could become acclimated to all of the health and safety protocols. On the first day, Harbor and Manor elementary schools welcomed fourth and fifth graders, who met their teachers and learned about new procedures such as eating lunch in their classroom and social distancing at recess. Seaford Middle School’s new sixth graders also were in class on Day 1.

As students walked up to Harbor, they were greeted with sidewalk chalk messages including “Welcome Back,” “Longest Spring Break Ever” and “Seaford Pride.”

At Seaford High School, students will come to school every day, but will attend classes in person either in the morning or afternoon on rotating days, while participating in distance learning the other half of the day.

There was a special treat for the senior class when they came to school on Sept. 8. Large letters spelled out “Last First Day Class of 2021” on the center lawn, so seniors could take pictures to memorialize their final year. Per pandemic protocols, they could take photos together with masks, or let their faces be seen as they stood far apart.

Before entering the school, students completed online health questionnaires and had temperature checks using touch-free thermometers. They donned many types of masks from the standard blue ones to face coverings representing the Seaford Vikings and their favorite sports teams.

The elementary schools welcomed its newest students on Sept. 10. This year’s kindergartners constitute the future Seaford High School Class of 2033.