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Padlet Provides Poetry Sharing Platform at Harbor School

Padlet is serving as a virtual bulletin board for second graders in Krista Clark’s class at Seaford Harbor Elementary School. With students participating in distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they took to the Internet to share their writing from the recent poetry unit.

Children studied two types of poetry – alliteration and Haiku – reading and listening to books on the digital library Epic! This allowed them to become more familiar with the two poetic styles, examining examples of each. Ms. Clark and her students also had poetry discussions over Zoom video chats.

On Padlet, students shared original poetry on topics of their choice for their classmates to see. They could also add a picture, graphic or GIF to accompany it. Michael Buck included a photo of himself in his Seaford Broncos jersey for a Haiku poem about football, while Samantha Juan used a picture of an ice cream cone for her alliterative poem about pistachio ice cream. Ms. Clark said that students were so enthusiastic about Padlet that many wrote and shared multiple poems.