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Harbor Hosts a Night of Numbers

Seaford Harbor Elementary School’s second annual Math Night on Feb. 6 drew a large crowd of both students and parents who discovered together that numbers can be lots of fun. They traveled from station to station to practice a variety of mathematical concepts.

This year’s theme was “Out of This World.” At the shooting star addition station, students rolled a ball into “outer space” to see which number they landed on. After rolling twice, they added the two numbers together. Students created a night sky scene by drawing stars with white crayons onto black paper. They estimated how many stars they could draw in a minute, then were timed by student council members to find out.

Measuring Planets had students finding the circumference of large blowup planets using string and rulers and Race to Space was a multiplication game with dice. A life size game board, mimicking Chutes and Ladders, had students rolling large dice to move to different numbers. At the bingo station, children solved equations and used the answers to mark numbers on their boards.

Executive Director for Instructional Technology and STEM Tom Lynch showed students different math games available on iPads. Volunteers from ASL courses at Seaford High School taught children how to make single-digit numbers using sign language.

All students could stop by the candy estimation station and guess how many pieces were in different jars. The closest to right number for each jar won it as a prize. Everyone also made rocket crafts to take home.

Organizers of math night included Principal Thomas Burke, Assistant Principal Caroline Schozer and teachers Lindsay Ardito and Jessica DiSpenza. The stations were run by teachers, student teachers and Molloy College education program students.

“We just love how the students and parents have come to celebrate math and have fun with math,” Mr. Burke said.