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Small Moments Make a Big Moment for Manor writers

First graders worked hard on their writing projects at Seaford Manor Elementary School, and teacher Jamie Flannery wanted to make sure they got the credit they deserved. After finishing their “small moment” stories, students were able to share their pieces with their classmates and feel like true authors.

Ms. Flannery said that the project began with students brainstorming meaningful moments in their lives, and then picking a specific instance to write about. They went through multiple drafts as they edited and revised their work to make it better, adding text features such as dialogue and descriptive language. The young writers even had to come up with creative conclusions, replacing the traditional “the end” with a sentence on the feelings that special moment evoked.

Students then recorded themselves on iPads reading their stories. The iPads were set up on the desks during a publishing party on Nov. 12. Children went around the room to watch each other’s videos and look through the completed books. Each student also had to leave a “glow,” so when a child returned to his or her desk, it was covered in sticky notes with compliments.