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High School Economics Teacher Gets a Gold Rating

Theresa Karp, a social studies teacher at Seaford High School, was named a 2018-19 Gold Star Teacher by W!SE, an organization that provides financial education programs to students and educators.

Ms. Karp has taught the W!SE financial literacy curriculum as part of her economics classes for the past 12 years. Topics include banking, budgeting, investments, saving for retirement and more. She noted that the curriculum focuses on the personal financial skills that students will need as adults.

The supermarket project is one of the staples of the program, in which students have $60 in fictitious money and have to use it to buy groceries for a week. Ms. Karp explained that students then take the money they saved and learn how to invest it. Her class motto is, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you live on.”

Ms. Karp said she teaches students how to make “adult decisions” like deciding whether to buy or lease a car and how to save money on a regular basis.

“This is my favorite course because I live it,” she said. “I really do practice this.”

Seaford High School has consistently been named a Blue Star School by W!SE for its implementation of the financial literacy curriculum and the success of students on the culminating exam.