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Harbor Kindergartners Learn the ABC’s of Mind and Body Care

The mind and body come together in Brooke DeSanto’s kindergarten class at Seaford Harbor Elementary School, where students participate in exercises that prime their brains for learning.

Class begins each day with alphabet yoga. The activity not only allows children to stretch, but it also helps build their literacy skills as they learn letters, sounds and new vocabulary words. Ms. DeSanto picks a different letter each day and has children do a pose based on a word that starts with the letter. When students learned A, they stuck their arms straight out like the wings of an airplane.

Writer’s workshop is a part of the afternoon routine and to help students get their minds ready for learning after lunch and recess, Ms. DeSanto leads them in breathing exercises. After striking a bell three times to help them relax, students can take either a bunny breath — fast paced and energetic — or snake breath — slow and calming. The choice is up to them based on their individual preferences, she said.