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Seaford Students Learn to be Their Best Selves

Motivational speaker Rohan Murphy visited Seaford Middle School for Unity Day on Oct. 23, sharing his story about overcoming adversity to achieve success.

Murphy, who lost his legs at birth, went on to have a successful wrestling career in high school and college. His message to Seaford students was simple: “no excuses.” They will face challenges in life, but Murphy told them that those hurdles should never get in the way of them realizing their dreams.

Students and staff wore orange for Unity Day, an initiative by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to acceptance, inclusion and kindness. Murphy’s discussed these virtues as part of his presentation.

Principal Dan Smith reminded students that while it is nice to wear the color, it is more important to embody traits of Unity Day.

Social worker Nancy Fitzgerald said that Unity Day was part of Red Ribbon Week, a national drug prevention campaign. There were spirit days throughout the week in which students wore red, tie-dye shirts and crazy hats. During lunch periods, they signed pledges vowing to live drug-free lives.

The Students Against Destructive Decisions club helped spread the message by hanging posters throughout the school for Red Ribbon Week. SADD members also decorated the cafeteria with orange tablecloths for Unity Day.