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Manor Promotes Personal Health With Fall Fitness Day

A tradition that has spanned nearly a quarter century continued on Oct. 18 as Seaford Manor Elementary School hosted its annual Autumn Classic. One grade at a time, students ventured out to the high school track where they could walk, run or jog.

Physical education teachers Ken Botti and Dianne Dunn coordinated the event, which has been a fall staple for 24 years. The teachers said the Autumn Classic continually evolves and in the last few years they have added fitness stations around the track including hurdles to jump over and hula hoops and ladders to walk through.

Family members were invited to join students in their laps around the track, as Mr. Botti and Ms. Dunn explained that exercise is more enjoyable when done with other people. They said the goal of the event, which kicks off the fitness and nutrition unit in physical education classes, is to encourage lifelong exercise habits.

“Cardio is any way, shape or form is important,” Mr. Botti said, noting that students were encouraged to complete as many laps around the track as they could in their 40-minute session. “A brisk walk is just as good as jogging.”

As a school spirit initiative, each grade wore their color Character Counts T-shirts – red for kindergarten, purple for fifth graders and all of the other colors of the rainbow in between.