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Harbor Students Connect with Children’s Author

Children’s author Jarrett Lerner may have been a few hundred miles away, but he was able to visit Danielle DiStefano’s third-grade class at Seaford Harbor Elementary School on Jan. 28. The children’s author participated in a Skype videoconference with students to mark World Read Aloud Day.

Lerner’s book, “Enginerds,” was a 2018 Global Read Aloud finalist. Ms. DiStefano’s students have been reading it and took advantage of the opportunity to ask him about the story, as well as how he finds inspiration as an author.

In honor of World Read Aloud Day, Lerner read aloud to students, selecting “The Wall in the Middle of the Book” by Jon Agee. The author explained that reading out loud — either alone, to a family member, a friend or even a pet — is a proven way for someone to improve his or her literacy skills.

Ms. DiStefano met Lerner at Nerd Camp, a professional development program for educators and children’s authors, and arranged the videoconference through the Authors as Mentors program. She said she was excited for her students to get reading and writing tips from a published author.