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Students, Parents Explore High School’s Stellar Programs

Seaford High School’s wide array of course offerings was on full display at the second annual Curriculum Fair, which was attended by hundreds of students and their parents the evening of Jan. 17.

Each academic department had an informational table, and teachers were on hand to answer questions about required and elective course offerings. The fair was open to eighth- through 11th-graders, who will soon be selecting their classes for the 2019-20 school year. It was preceded by an information session for the incoming freshmen class.

Social studies teacher Jenna Davis said she and her colleagues were touting the department’s new Advanced Placement courses in psychology and human geography.

“They’re interesting and fun, but they’re also challenging,” she said. “These courses give our students opportunities to earn college credits.”

The music department showcased its instrumental and vocal programs, including the different band and choral ensembles. Junior Pablo Hashem said that the program focuses on the entertainment value of music.

Graduates of Seaford High School appeared in a video for the world language department, discussing how they have used American Sign Language, French and Spanish is their careers and their lives. The art department had a display of student artwork completed in different mediums, physical education program hosted a badminton tournament and the computer science department highlighted its video game design classes.

Students could also learn about the different extracurricular activities at a club fair in the cafeteria. Principal Scott Bersin said that the Curriculum Fair is a full school effort in which students and staff come together to showcase the many facets of Seaford High School.

“Our school has a very rich academic program, which we continue to enhance,” Mr. Bersin said. “We take pride in the fact that our school provides opportunities for all students to advance in ways that best suit their individual educational needs.”