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Manor Students Making Virtual Connections

A few decades ago, pen pals from two different schools would have written letters back and forth, and responses would have taken days or weeks to receive. For first-graders at Seaford Manor Elementary School, the exchanges are almost instantaneous.

Students are participating in GridPals, an inititiave through the video-sharing app Flipgrid, with first-graders in the West Hempstead School District. Seaford Manor Teacher Meghan Hunt has partnered with her sister, Kara Maguire, a teacher at Cornwell Avenue School.

Each student is assigned a buddy and the pair send videos back and forth. The Seaford children watch and record on iPads. At the end of December, Ms. Hunt’s students made videos about their favorite holidays, then asked their partners 12 miles away to respond.

The students are expected to remain in touch throughout the school year and Ms. Hunt said the goal is that hopefully they will meet in person.