• Hello students and parents!

    I am a very strong believer in a solid connection between the classroom and the home.  In my quest to achieve that connection, I have implemented three different modes of communication on top of normal class instruction.  Please read below to learn about the different methods and sign up for them as soon as you can!

    1)  Email:  The first homework assignment of the year is for the students to hand in both THEIR email address as wellas a PARENT email address.  The addresses are put into groups (by course) and a group email is sent home whenever something is happening during class (reminder of tests, quizzes, major assignments, report cards coming home, etc).

    2)  All class information can be found on EDMODO.COM.  The information uploaded onto that account includes PDF files of every assignment calendar, every worksheet, and every answer keys to tests and quizzes.  It will also contain copies of class notes from time to time.  Students will be required to register for their class "group" on Edmodo, and parents can join as well and be connected directly to your student.  In order for a STUDENT to register for the first time, they need to go to Edmodo.com and click "sign up as a student".  They will create a user name and password and will need their "group code" that I will provide them with in class (it will be different for each course each year).  Once they are registered, they will not have to register again for any other class.  All they will need to do is add a new group code in their existing account.  Class information from all of their teachers who use Edmodo will all appear on their one home page.  Once the student is registered, the PARENT can register as well.  From the student's home page, the parent needs to copy down their unique "parent code" that will link you directly to your student.  Go to Edmodo.com and click "I am a parent" and enter the appropriate information. That's all there is to it!

    3)  Students all register for Remind101 as well.  It is a one-way texting feature that teachers can use to send quick texts to their student's phones.  NO STUDENT CELL NUMBERS ARE EVER GIVEN TO THE TEACHER!  Only their names appear.  Text reminders will be sent to remind kids of exams, when new information is uploaded onto Edmodo, etc.  Parents can register for this feature as well and receive all of the same texts and reminders.  Please email me at wmaddalena@mail.seaford.k12.ny.us and I will send you instructions to register for your child's particular class.

    The very first post on the Edmodo website is the Welcome! pack that all of the students get the first day of school.  You will find helpful links to math websites that the students can use for extra practice.  Also, since the blank PDF files are on the site as well, students are encouraged to practice problems on there as well.