• Nurse

                 Seaford School Health Services




    Middle School Nurse: Ms. Lauren Timoney, RN

    District Coordinator


    Phone:  (516) 592-4273

    Fax: (516) 592-4201


    Manor School Nurse: Ms. Laura Chiarelli, RN


    Phone: (516) 592-4073

    Fax: (516)-592-4051


    Harbor School Nurse: Ms. Vincy George, RN


    Phone:  (516) 592-4173  

    Fax: (516) 592-4101


    High School Nurse: Ms. Maryna Krumholz, RN


    Phone:  (516) 592-4373

    Fax: (516)-592-4302


    Our School District Health program is designed to promote the health of each child.  Our ultimate goal is to support an environment that provides for optimal wellness of every student. We recognize that a child can more fully achieve their maximum educational potential if they are healthy.

    Although the primary responsibility for the health and well being of the student resides with the parent, the Seaford School District nursing staff shares that responsibility by providing for the health and emergency needs of the student during the school day. Each school in Seaford is staffed by a full-time registered nurse.  Also employed is a part-time RN who assists each building as needed.  Our nurses are certified in basic life support (CPR and AED) as well as educated on a continuing basis to face the challenges presented to us in the health field.

                                                 Our nursing staff:

          • Conduct health screenings  
          • Monitor student immunizations
          • Assess and evaluate individual growth and development
          • Evaluate and monitor communicable disease
          • Use strategies to prevent the spread of disease in the school
          • Provide assessment and care of sick and injured students
          • Administer medication as per written doctor's orders
          • Maintain permanent health records for all students
          • Identify and refer possible health problems for early diagnosis and treatment
          • Work closely with other staff members to ensure a healthy environment