• Welcome to Speech and Language!
    My name is Erin Mitchell, Speech Language Pathologist for the Seaford Middle School. I am looking forward to a successful 2022-2023 school year in speech and language!

    I have been working in the Seaford School District since 2007 and I love what I do.  I look forward the opportunity to work with my students each day.

    I am committed to teaching each student to be the best communicator he/she can be! The activities and lessons that are completed in speech/language therapy sessions are based on the individual needs of each student and address the goals set on the IEP.

    that we work on in speech/language therapy:
    Auditory Processing                          
    Receptive/Expressive Language Skills          
    Pragmatics/Social Language
    Oral Motor Skills
    Augmentative Communication
    Life Skills

    Contact Information:
    Name: Erin Mitchell
    Phone: (516) 592-4200