To reserve the use of the library during class time, please see Mrs. Golub to sign up on the calendar. Teachers are encouraged to plan in advance with Mrs. Golub to achieve instructional goals. Notifying Mrs. Golub of planned assignments will help insure that students will have the materials they need. Let Mrs. Golub know in advance of any books you might want pulled that relate to your class lesson or unit. The library media center has an extensive collection of books, periodicals, audiovisual and multimedia materials, internet access via student computers, and professional materials selected to support the curriculum.
     The Quiet Room of the library has a collection of DVDs catalogued by the Dewey Decimal Classification System. These are available for teachers to borrow to support their curricula. Please make recommendations to Mrs. Golub at any time for titles that you would like her to order for our collection.
    In the Quiet Room, there is a section of Professional Collection books available for teachers to check out on a variety of education related subjects designed to enhance teaching. If there is a special title that we do not own, please recommend it to Mrs. Golub so that she can try to order it in the near future.
    Please see current list of library testing aides on the Seaford Middle School Library home page. The testing aides sign up sheets for this school year are on a clipboard at the circulation desk. Please visit the library to sign up your students who need to have tests read to them on specific times and dates. Remember to book in advance so that your students will be guaranteed to have a testing aide reserved to assist them. There is also an additional sign up sheet if your students just need a separate location. See Mrs. Golub or library staff if you have any further questions.
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    Any teachers who wish to schedule a video conference please see Mrs. Golub.
    • Video conferencing encourages student learning. This is a differentiated learning experience that helps increase knowledge retention of students.
    • Visual literacy skills are increased which help students perform well in many academic subject areas and can also lead to success on the New York State Assessment tests.
    • It is very cost effective. You can bring the world into your school for a fraction of the cost of an actual field trip. Connect with others from different cultures, states and countries.
    • Learn about the different places that you can bring your students to with the easiness and interactivity of video conferencing.
    • Bring the world into your school! See Mrs. Golub, your Library Media Specialist for assistance.

    Look through BOCES Videoconferencing Catalog that is available in the Library Media Center. Use the index to search alphabetically by the name of the provider or use the table of contents to search by academic subject area. Our district has an IP connection. You may schedule with any provider in the BOCES Video Conferencing Catalog that has IP capability. Read the descriptions of the programs to find one that interests you. To obtain more detailed information about the program, the website of the provider is listed. Visit their website to obtain more information and also give them a call if any additional information is needed. This will help ensure that you are booking a conference that is appropriate for your needs.


    After you have selected a conference that interests you, see Mrs. Golub. Include several possible dates and times that you are available to do the conference with your classes. Mrs. Golub will contact Iris Battaglia, who is the Distance Learning Program Coordinator and Scheduler for BOCES. After Iris Battaglia contacts Mrs. Golub with a date confirmation, Mrs. Golub will notify you and reserve the library for that time for your conference. Some conferences have pre-lesson materials. You can find out by contacting the provider or Mrs. Golub will find out when your conference is booked. Most conferences are 40-50 minutes long and many conferences can be modified to fit into a single class period.


    After your conference is over, please provide feedback (positives and negatives) to Mrs. Golub by filling out the  evaluation form. Mrs. Golub will return evaluations to BOCES to help ensure quality future conferences.