• Hello.  Thank you for taking the time to access my webpage. I have located information here that is important for successfully establishing strong school-home communication.


    As a Technology Education teacher at Seaford HS, I currently teach Basic Car Care, Photography 1, Transportation System, and Woodworking.  These courses provide students in grades 9-12 a wide range of technical content focused on building basic skills in each area.  In addition to the courses I teach, Mr. Dolan and Mr. Isgro teach other technology education courses that may be of interest to students.  I encourage you to review their web pages to learn about other Technology Education courses offered by our Department.


    Extra Help

    I am available for extra help immediately after school on Monday & Wednesday for 30 minutes and 7:00 am until the start of school on Thursday.  At the request of the student, I also try to make myself available at alternate times before, during, and after school.


    Class Assignments

    Classroom resources and materials are posted to Microsoft Teams & OneNote for each class. Microsoft Teams is the primary method by which assignments will be obtained, submitted, and student progress on individual assignments monitored. Occasionally, Microsoft Forms may be used for the submission of some assignments.  When an assignment is submitted using Microsoft Teams, it is best if the student emails me or sends me a Chat message in Teams to alert me of their submission.  This system ensures that his/her assignment does not 'slip between the cracks.' Any change from Teams will be announced in class and on Teams.  All virtual sessions use Teams as teleconferencing software (no Zoom sessions).  OneNote is the 'electronic filing cabinet' for the class.  When a student is searching for the class notes or a reference sheet, it is likely to be stored in a folder in OneNote.  Occasionally, it may be located in a folder within the "Files" within Microsoft Teams.  I will announce when a file is stored on Teams vs. OneNote which is our default location.



    Official class grades are posted to the Infinite Campus Portal.  Any grades that appear in Microsoft Teams are advisory in nature.  Additional information about grading for each class that I teach is found in the syllabus for that class.  Please reference this document in addition to this web page.


    Virtual Learning

    Given our current educational setting hybrid students are virtual half of the class time and fully remote students are virtual for the entire class.  Students in a virtual setting are required to comply with all relevant Board Policy of Education Policies and Regulations most notably Policy 4528 Acceptable Use- Remote LearningHere's a plain-language summary of this policy.


    Of note, Policy 4528 requires every student to participate in instruction, have his/her camera on during instruction, be situated in a location suitable for learning, be properly groomed, adhere to the District Code of Conduct, as well as other important instructional and behavioral considerations. 


    During the course of virtual learning, students will often be assigned videos to watch and/or shadow the in-class students, and/or participate in the lesson.  When students are assigned a video, it may be from YouTube or another publicly available source.  Please know that I make all efforts to screen these videos for applicability and appropriateness to the material(s) being learned in class.  Should you have any concerns, contact me immediately using the contact information found in the below text.


    Additionally, videos from the Internet can be informative; however, the theory presented in class is the primary learning material and the material found in the videos (and on the Internet in general) is secondary and supplementary learning material. The reason for my rationale is much of the information found on the Internet is presented from an individual’s perspective, based on his/her experience (good or bad; complete or incomplete), their equipment, their biases, etc. Therefore, the content often lacks all of the material that is relevant to a course taught in our public school. Materials from these sources are acceptable as supplementary or introductory materials, but it’s not a substitute for the content provided in our class.  Hence, it is of great importance for all students to watch these videos, ask informed questions, pay full attention to the class lesson, and engage all activities in class so that the students learn the intended knowledge through first-hand experience.


    Getting in Touch with me

    I encourage students to advocate for themselves, but I strongly believe that engaged parents are a critical part of a student’s success.  It is difficult to reach me by phone during the school day; therefore, if you have a question or concern and would like to have a conversation, please email me with your preferred phone number and a convenient time and date to give you a call to discuss your concern(s).

    My email is: mgargiulo@seaford.k12.ny.us

    My cell phone number is: (516) 206-0407


    Me Getting in Touch with You

    Periodically, I will email and call parents/guardians to keep them apprised of their child's progress in the class. Typically, I will call the cell phone number listed for the student's mother on the Portal.  My phone number will appear as "Baldwin NY 516-206-0407"  Please take this call.  I will nearly always leave a voice mail message if you are not able to take the call.  I encourage you to return my call or to email me with a time and date that is convenient for me to give you a call.