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Pathways to Service (Community Service)

  • To qualify for the special Service Designation, students will have completed the following number of hours by April 30th of the graduating year.


    • Class of 2022 -  50 hours
    • Class of 2023-   50 hours
    • Class of 2024-   50 hours
    • Class of 2025 -  50 hours



    Why Should I Volunteer?  Volunteerism benefits the community, and provides the opportunity:

    • To explore different career fields.
    • To gain valuable contacts for future job or internship opportunities.
    • To provide colleges a student’s volunteer service record.
    • To meet requirements for many scholarships.
    • To learn new skills or enhance skills in your area of interest.
    • To be recognized at Senior graduation with a special Service cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony.                                                                                                      


    What Counts for Volunteer Hours?  To be recorded, your Volunteer Service Hours must meet the following criteria:

    • Hours worked during summer count for the next school year.
    • Hours worked for other school groups (National Honor Society, Student Council, NAHS, Key Club) do count, as long as they meet all other criteria. Hours for class credit: PIG, do not.


    • Hours must be authorized by the beneficiary of the work, or by a supervisor of the program sponsoring the event. NOT A PARENT.
    • Only actual working hours count: travel and sleep hours do not
    • Interning/job shadowing do not.