• A Final Message to my Students-


    I want to start by explaining to you all what co-teaching is. Co-teaching is when you have two teachers in one classroom. Both teachers are NYS certified, have a teaching degree, and are valuable instructors. It is not something where one teacher is “subbing” or “waiting for a real job” (all terms I have heard over the past few years, which have had an impact on me). Just remember, having two teachers is an asset. It’s like being on a team, where two is better than one. You are in a class with a variety of students with a flexible structure to support you. Each student is distinctive, rare, and has a powerful voice that brings something special into the classroom. Please keep that in mind and always celebrate each other!


    Throughout my time at Seaford, you, my students, have been so honest and open with me. You have discussed your concerns about classwork, and even expressed directly with me how you could learn in a better way. I want to be honest now with you all, so here we go, I will not be returning to Seaford next year. I am disheartened to say this, as you have all had a tremendous impact on me. Every day I continued to stand up for what was best for you. My advice before I go, is to stand up for yourselves now. Continue to have those difficult conversations and be the change that you wish to see. Speak to those teachers and staff members that may be hard for you to approach and be honest with them, as you have done with me. It’s our job as teachers to be reflective on our practice and try new things, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Listening to all of you over the past few years has encouraged me to be better, so thank you.


    Good luck with your futures! You will all find success and be great members of this ever changing society.


    I will miss you all dearly…


    Ms. LiPuma