• Special Areas

    Ms. Simon, Mr. Botti Ms. LaSota

    Mr. Krueger, Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Adams


    Special Area Live Instruction Schedule

    Grade Level Specials
    Grade Level  Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday   Friday   Time
    LaSota   Simon   Botti   Adams   Dunn   2pm
    Dunn   LaSota   Simon   Botti   Adams   2pm
    Adams   Dunn   LaSota   Simon   Botti   2pm
    Botti   Adams   Dunn   LaSota   Simon   2pm
    4 & 5  Simon   Botti   Adams   Dunn   LaSota   2pm
    Band Beg Band Adv Band Beg Band Adv Band All Bands 2:30pm
    Coding See Below 2:50pm
    Coding with Mr. Feiler  
    Weeks of May 25th, June 8th, June 22nd  
    Grade Level  K 1 2 3 4 & 5  
    Day Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday   Friday