• Welcome to the Curriculum Office!


    The Seaford School District is committed to providing an educational program that is truly meaningful, beneficial and addresses the varying needs of our students.  We provide our students with curriculum materials and activities that are aligned with the New York State Learning Standards.  Keeping abreast of new developments regarding instructional and curriculum, the District diligently provides updates and professional development for staff members.  The district remains steadfast in its efforts to be reflective toward the goal of continual improvement and enhancement of program and activities.


    jj At the elementary level students develop their English Language Arts skills through Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshops.  The District has a three tier Response to Intervention (RtI) plan that details the array of reading/writing support that is offered to eligible students. In mathematics, the District adopted the GoMath program.  To address the new Next Generation Science Standards, teachers are utilizing materials and curriculum from FOSS kits.  For the past number of years, we have subscribed to the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES social studies curriculum materials. 


    At the Seaford Middle School our teachers have written ELA and curriculum units based on the NYS Learning ff Standards and materials provided by the State.  Similarly, in mathematics, curriculum units have been written in conjunction with the materials from the State in grades 7 and 8. Grade 6 is utilizing the Go Math program.  A new scope and sequence was created for grade 6 and 7 in the area of science that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards, with all 8th grade students enrolled in the Regents-level Living Environment course. Our social studies teachers have all been trained in the new social studies framework and as a result are adjusting their instruction and curriculum.  Instruction in World Languages commences in grade 7 with students having a choice between Spanish and French. Rounding out the schedule for a Seaford Middle School student are courses in subject areas mandated by NYS including: Health, Technology, Family Consumer Science, Art, and Music.


    ss Seaford High School offers its students a robust selection of courses that addresses their academic needs and interests.  Besides the State aligned Regents level classes, students can choose from an array of college level courses (AP, SUPA, LIU) in various subject areas.  In addition, our High School offers a full complement of classes in art, business and technology.  Our music program provides students an opportunity to perform in a variety of music groups. With an eye on post high school academics, Seaford High School students can delve into the area of research by enrolling in the AP Capstone two-year program and/or our Science Research coursework.


    To address the social-emotional needs of our students and to be compliant with the new State mandate for the implementation of a mental health curriculum K-12, we have instituted the Lions Quest program.  Woven into our instructional program K-12 are our efforts to incorporate the Habits of Mind. cc


    With the advent of our instructional technology initiative, all students in the middle school and in grades 9 through 11 at the high school have been provided a mobile device that they can take home.  At the elementary level, grades K -3 have access to grade-level iPads carts and fourth and fifth graders are equipped with their own in class laptop.


    For more information about our programs, click on the links provided or contact the appropriate administrator.  The Curriculum Office, located at the Manor School, is comprised of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel, the Executive Director for Instructional Technology and STEM and the Executive Director for Humanities. Our Director and Assistant Director for Pupil Personnel Services, Director of Technology and Information Systems and the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics have offices located at Seaford High School. In addition, there are several Lead Teachers/Chairpersons for the various academic departments and they are stationed in either the High School or the Middle School.