• 2023-2024 Seaford High School Student Council 
     Faculty Advisors: Ms. Tania Cintorino, Ms. Shari Raduazzo
    The SHS Student Council is the student leadership organization that, along with the class officers, works to promote spirit and cooperation around Seaford High School. Our main projects this year include leading Spirit Week and Homecoming, organizing blood drives, collecting thousands of dollars for our Thanksgiving Food Drive and delivering over $2,000 worth of toys to needy young people during our Holiday Toy Drive. During the spring semester, we will also be leading the Student Takeover, SHS Valentine's Day Flower Sale and the important Clothing Drive. 
    President - Isabella Strippoli
    Vice President - Kieran Calderaro
    Secretary - Angelina Fernandez
    Treasurer - Megan Bloom
    9th grade Representatives
    Isabella Dominguez
    Calleigh Harten
    Sophia Molinaro
    10th grade Representatives
    Olivia Anzelone
    Emily Bauman
    Cameron Calderaro
    11th grade Representatives
    Megan Bloom
    Sydney Keane
    Dylan Malone
    Emily Richardson
    12th grade Representatives
    Kieran Calderaro
    Angelina Fernandez
    Isabella Strippoli
    To contact us:
    Mrs. Tania Cintorino - tcintorino@seaford.k12.ny.us
    Mrs. Shari Raduazzo - sraduazzo@seaford.k12.ny.us
    Follow us on Instagram- @seafordhighschoolstuco