Looking for an individual?
Just type in the information in the appropriate search fields. You can do general searches by building & title. You do not need to know the spelling you can put in partial names as well (example - all teachers whose names end in K).
Does your email bounce back when you email anyone in the district?
SPAM causes companies thousands of dollars a year as well as getting unwanted and inappropriate emails. In an environment, especially one with children, there is a need to protect everyone against this type of intrusion. It for this reason that we have installed a SPAM filter. While no device is 100% foolproof some people will get caught by the filter. Some commons ones that get blocked are accounts from yahoo, verizon, gmail. etc.

If you can not email someone within the district please follow these instructions:

1) Call the Technology Office at 592-4367.
2) Leave your full name.
3) Leave your email address
4) Inform us of the person you are trying to contact.
Upon receiving this information we will configure the SPAM filter to allow you through. We will then email and the party you are trying to reach to contact to let you know that the information has been updated. The average time to configure is approximately 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Frederick Kaden
Director of Technology