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    Please contact me, if you have any questions or concerns about the work, as I do not want any added stress to what our country is already experiencing.
    Miss you all!
    Tuesday, April 7th
    ELA- Pick a project off of our Lightning Thief Choice Board
    Your project will be due on Wednesday, April 15th.
    You can send me the project directly through One Drive by sharing it.  If that is not an option you can take a picture or video of it and email it to me.
    SS- Greece Section 2
    Read textbook p. 174- 176
    Monday, April 6th
    ELA- Complete the blog in our "Class Chat Space" then complete this form below:
    SS- Complete the Form on Ancient Greece Section 1
    Friday, April 3rd
    ELA- Watch the second half of the movie.
    SS- Go over review sheet for Ancient Greece- Section 1
    Thursday, Apil 2nd
    ELA- Watch the first half of The Lightning Thief movie online.
    Compare and contrast the book and the movie.
    Answer the question in the appropriate form.
    SS- Read textbook p. 171-173
    Answer the questions in the appropriate form.
    Wednesday, April 1st
    ELA- Finish The Lightning Thief
    SS- Read textbook p. 168-170
    Ancient Greece Sway is available on our class website or in your Class Notebooks on your One Drive.
    Tuesday, March 31st
    ELA- Read The Lightning Thief- Chapter 21
    Answer the questions in your packet or on our class website.
    Please answer the question in the Forms below.  This will be used as attendance:
    SS- Complete the Ancient China Quiz
    This will count for your attendance today.
    Monday, March 30th
    ELA- Read The Lightning Thief- Chapter 20
    Answer the questions in your packet or on our class website. 
    SS- Watch Mr. Nicky's Ancient Greece video below and then conplete the Form:
    Complete the Form for your specific class below.  This will also count as your attendance for the day.
    Any questions, please check in during my office hours 9:00-10:00 each day.

    Enjoy your weekend! Disconnect from schoolwork and connect with your family!


    Friday, March 27th

    ELA- Write a friendly letter to a family member or friend.

    Include the date, greeting, body, closing, and signature.

    Mail your letter or drop it in someone's mailbox.

    Don't forget to include your return address and a stamp.

    See my letter below as a model, if you get stuck.

    Mrs. Alveari's Friendly Letter



    SS- China Practice Test on Forms


    Thursday, March 26th

    ELA-Read: The Lightning Thief- chapter 19 and answer the questions in your packet or from our website.

    SS- Textbook p. 164 #13 and Map Masters 1-5


    Wednesday, March 25th

    ELA- Read Lightning Thief- chapter 18 and answer questions

    SS- Textbook Review- p. 164 (#11-12)


    Tuesday, March 24th

    ELA- In our "Chat Space" choose one character (Percy, Annabeth, Grover) you would want to be friends with and why?

    What type of character traits does the character you chose possess that draws you to him/her?

    Do you see that character trait in yourself? How?

    Do you look for that trait in other relationships in your life? Why?


    SS- Textbook Review- answer questions on p. 164 (#9-10)


    Monday, March 23rd

    ELA- Read or listen to chapter 17 in The Lightning Thief and answer the questions for chapter 17 on the side tab of our website.

    Add one character trait with evidence from the text to your "Annabeth's Character Traits Chart"

    Use our "Character Trait Emoji" page for ideas if you are stuck. 

    SS-Review all of your notes and vocabulary terms for all of Ancient China.

    Complete p. 163 in your textbook

    Remember that the Lightning Thief chapters can be listened to on Youtube, as well.
    If you have any questions on assignments, need to chat or just want to say hello, you can reach me through email and/or Remind.
    Don't forget that IXL is always available to you, too.
    If you need anything, feel free to reach out!
    Miss you all! 
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