• Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences
    Teacher: Ms. Schultz
    email: cschultz@mail.seaford.k12.ny.us

        Students are offered this course in 6th and 7th grades. In 6th grade the course is 10 weeks or one quarter. In 7th grade the course is 20 weeks or two quarters. There is also an exploratory offered to the 6th grade students called "Fun with Foods."
        The 6th grade curriculum consists of childcare and development, nutrition and kitchen safety and food preparation.
        The 7th grade curriculum consists of career development, money management, consumerism, basic sewing skills and kitchen safety and food preparation.
        The Science of Foods exploratory focuses on food safety and food preparation beyond the mandated curriculum.
        The goal of our classes are to introduce students to life outside school. We strive to teach them the skills they need to become independent and self-sufficient individuals. Ultimately this is a life skills class. We use an interdisciplinary approach to teach students the relevance of their core subjects in the real world. For example, in preparing a muffin recipe we apply math skills in measuring, and science knowledge in the mixing of various ingredients with the addition of heat to make it rise. We believe if they learn these skills now they will be better prepared for their lives in the future.
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