• Welcome to Mrs. McCrystal's English 7


       Seventh grade is an exciting year. This year is especially exciting since students will experience working with their 1:1 device.  Not only will this year help to fine tune what students have already learned and build upon that knowledge, but it will also incorporate new technology as a means of showcasing their knowledge.  Naturally there will be new topics covered and a learning curve with the technology, but in general, there will be higher expectations and new responsibilities. With everyone working together, we will have a fabulous year.


    Here are some course essentials.

    1.  Laptops - Laptops will be needed daily.  Remember to charge them every night.

    2.  Utilize planners - record all work responsibilities in them and check them often.

    3.  Be proactive - study well in advance for tests and quizzes and meet with me for any additional help.

    4.  Organization - stay on top of all work - tests, quizzes, projects, handouts and directions.  Create a system that works for you.  Organization is paramount in success.

    5.  Monthly Calendar - consult monthly calendar weekly to stay on top of work.

    6.  Vocabulary and Spelling - expect to increase your vocabulary and refine your spelling.

    7.  Homework - given as needed to reinforce instruction and practice different skills. (Usually not every night and hardly on the weekends.)

    8.  Extra Credit - given out at the beginning of each quarter.  This is optional. 




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