Spanish 7 & Spanish 8








    So what do we do every Monday through Friday starting Thursday 3/19?

    a) Click on the assignments tab on this page for information.

    b) Log on to your account.

    c) Click on the assignment for that date.

    d) Complete the assignment to the best of your ability.

    e) Submit, or turn in, the assignment.

     f) That's it!


    In sometimes we click on something, it keeps loading, but it doesn't open.  What should we do?

    Due to all-time high demand for remote learning resources, the platform continues to experience intermittent performance and login issues. It's best to try again later in the day and then it usually opens.  Please email me about it so I can contact


    Can we chat with Mr. Macedo if we have questions?

    Yes!  Click on Charlar,  a live online chat session where you can type questions to me between 11:00AM-12:00PM.  Just click on the Charlar box when you start the day's assignment.  If you're not available at this time, just send me an email.


    What are the ¿Qué Pasa? videos this week (3/30-4/3)?

    I'm going to make videos of myself with the hope of helping you better.  Just click on the ¿Qué Pasa? box when you start the day's assignment.


    How are you?

    I hope this message finds you safe and healthy! As you already know, the coronavirus is going to have us communicating online and doing assignments at home for a few weeks.  Don't worry - we'll take it one day at a time until we're back in school.


    We've been using our new online program ( since January.  Will we be using it to do Spanish assignments at home?

    Yes we will.  You've already created bookmarks or shortcuts on your laptops.  You've completed and submitted (or turned in)  many online activities to me already!


    When do we need to start the online assignments?

    The online assignments start Thursday March 19.


    What if we can't log in to

    a) Click on the How do I log on to tab on this page and folllow the steps.

    b) If this is unsuccessful, email me a screen shot of your last screen (where it would not log in).  I'll send the screen shot to the technicians.

    c) I'll email you a PDF of that day's assignment. Copy and complete the assignment on loose leaf.

    d) I'll collect the assignment on loose leaf when we return to school.


    Why do we have to click on the assignments tab on this page first?  Can't we just go to and do the assignments?

    The assignments tab allows me to communicate assignments and other information clearly.


    Can we do assignments in advance?

    No. You'll only be allowed to do the assignment for that date.


    What if we struggle with the assignment?

    a) No worries!  Simply give it your best efffort!  You are recognized for completing and submitting assignments, not correct answers.

    b) Use the chapter vocabulary list to help you.  It's at the top of the Assignments page.


    Can we skip assignments for a few days and then catch up and do several assignments at once?

    No. You have a specific assignment for each day.  At the end of that day, the assignment is no longer available to you.


    When we submit an assignment, sometimes we get a Pearsoneasybridge grade.  Is that a Seaford grade too?

    No one gets a Seaford grade for an assignment.  It's just useful information.  You can review the assignment and check your answers.


    How can we reach you Mr. Macedo?

    Email me ( or use Charlar between 11AM-12PM.