3:45pm and 4:45pm

    BUS 8

    Guilford Park Drive and Marjorie Lane

    Oakland Avenue and Woodward Avenue

    Waverly Avenue and Willoughby Avenue

    Austin Avenue and Pine Street

    Pine Street and Walters Avenue

    Maple Street and Melvin Place

    2295 Spruce Street

    Cedar Street and Meyer Lane

    Cedar Street and Roanoke Street

    2523 Cedar Street

    Island Channel Road and Shore Place

    Bayview Street and Ocean Avenue

    Nimrod Street and Ocean Avenue

    Bayview Street and Neptune Avenue

    Maple Avenue and Tonopah Street

    Tuscala Street & Neptune Avenue and Neptune Avenue & Tuscala Street


    BUS 9

    Hudson Avenue and Seamans Neck Road

    Arthur Drive and Brooklyn Avenue

    Jackson Avenue and Wilburne Avenue

    Baylis Road and Washington Avenue

    Washington Avenue and Waverly Avenue

    Seamans Neck Road and Waverly Avenue

    Locust Avenue and Waverly Avenue

    Seaford Avenue and Verona Place

    Harbor Blvd. and So. Seamans Neck Road

    Niami Street and So. Seamans Neck Road

    Darby Lane and Nelson Drive

    Marina Park Drive and So. Seamans Neck Road

    Marina Park Drive and Nancy Lane

    2285 Washington Avenue