• student support


    This page is designed to assist parents and students with accessing information to help them meet with success  in Seaford Middle School.

    The purpose of Student Support Services is to provide information and support to students and parents with their academic, emotional and social needs.

    A listing of available services, helpful hints for parents and students, and important upcoming events and dates are listed.

    You can reach a student support services member by calling 592-4220.


    Seaford Middle School Student Support Members consist of :

    Nancy J. Fitzgerald, School Social Worker

    Joanna Schroeder, School Psycholgist

    Stacey Ranzie, School Counselor - Grade 8 & Grade 7 (Mr. Hayden's Team) 

    Sarah Frank, School Counselor - Grade 6 & Grade 7 (Ms. Maciag's Team)