Welcome to the English Department Web Page!
    The English program derives its philosophy and goals from the New York State Education Department's Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts.
     Courses offered:
    English 9 Advanced, English 9 Regents, AP Capstone Seminar, English 10 Regents, English 11 AP Language & Composition, AP Capstone Research, English 11 Regents, English 12 AP Literature
    English 12 1/2 Year Electives (students must take two): Horror & Suspense, NYC Literature, Social Media & News Literacy (dual enrollment with Stony Brook University ACE),  The Sports Hero in Literature & Nonfiction.
    Electives: College Writing, Public Speaking, Creative Writing 1, Creative Writing 2, Literature in Film, 
    The Seaford High School English Department members are:
    Shari Raduazzo  - SRaduazzo@seaford.k12.ny.us
     Tania Cintorino - TCintorino@seaford.k12.ny.us
    Kimberly Flood - KFlood@seaford.k12.ny.us

    Christine Lindquist -CLindquist@seaford.k12.ny.us

    Justin McCormack - JMcCormack@seaford.k12.ny.us
    Kathryn Miedl - kmiedl@seaford.k12.ny.us