• Performing a solo, or an ensemble, piece in front of an adjudicator is an amazing experience.  We strongly suggest doing this to enhance your musical experiences.  To be as helpful as we can, we have put all information on the band website under the “NYSSMA” link.  Personal practice and hard work help achieve a positive experience.  It is your responsibility to make appointments with us to work on your solo.  We have designated times throughout the week, or just make appointments with us to practice.   If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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    2023-35 NYSSMA Dates & Info:


    Solo/ Ensemble Festival: 


    May 8 - 9


    Chatterton Elementary School 




    Click Here for the NYSSMA Level 1-6 Form




     All-State Winds/Percussion


    April 8 - 9


    Massapequa High School




    Click Here for the All-State NYSSMA Form





    Please make checkpayable to:  SEAFORD UFSD

    Please order your 2 originals of your solo (NO PHOTOCOPIES are allowed) as soon as possible to alleviate any problems in availability.  You can order this music at any local music store (Catalano Music-516-354-0256, Advantage Music-631-285-6914) or any publisher (JW Pepper Music, www.jwpepper.com, 1-800-345-6296).  If you have difficulty acquiring your music, please contact us as soon as possible.