See a Tri-M Board Member to sign up

    to be a concert usher or gopher.

    Make sure you bring a blank "Service Notes Log"

    (download from this website in documents link) to have

    one of the music teachers sign it for you that night. Arrive 45-60 minutes before concert start time in black pants, black socks, black socks and black Tri-M Polo.   



    Winter Concerts

    Monday, December 9th, 7pm - Manor Concert

    Ushers: Hailey S & Kayla N

    Gophers: Danielle M & Meredith M



    Thursday , December 12th, 7pm - Harbor Concert 

    Ushers: Jessica R & Brooke G

    Gophers: Edona M & Daniele M



    Monday, December 16th, 7pm - Middle School Part I

    Ushers: Hailey S, Jessica R & Annarose R

    Gophers: Ben T & Liam M



    Tuesday , December 13th, 7pm - Middle School Part II 

    Ushers: Joe A, Julianne C & 

    Gophers: Ryan D & Mary P




    Spring Concerts

    Tuesday, May 14th, 7pm - Manor Concert 

    Ushers: Ben Trink, Jessie Russo

    Gophers: Emily Stark, Britney Sirota



    Thursday, May 16th, 7pm - Harbor Concert

    Ushers: Lauren King, Britney Sirota

    Gophers: Emily Stark, Jenny Chin



    Monday, June 3rd, 7pm - Middle School Concert Part I

    Ushers: Brooke Gallo, Kaitlyn Albrecht, Jessie Russo

    Gophers: Kayla Nietsch, Matt Sheintul & Pablo Hashem



    Tuesday, June 4th, 7pm - Middle School Concert Part II

    Ushers: Brook Gallo, Kaitly Albrecht & Jessie Russo

    Gophers: Joe Abbate, Matt Sheintul & Meredith Muirhead