This exploratory will compare the different types of cartoons versus animated works of art. The topics and techniques taught will allow the students to understand basic animation concepts and create related projects. The students will also learn skills to draw a figure accurately and in proportion to create their own cartoon character(s) that can be animated.


    (<- Click the link to the left to see examples of Animation Cels created in this class.)


    Distance Learning (Corona 2020)

    ** UPDATED 5/3/20 **

    Hi Everyone, Now that it is official that we will NOT be returning this school year, I added a project for you to work on for your 4th quarter grade. 1) Create a cartoon character of your own and draw them in an environment or background. (Perhaps you make it look like a comic book cover!?) 2) Write a 1-page biography about your character. 3) Create 3 comic strips starring your character. Each strip can be as long as you like. (Blank strips are here -> comic strip.xlsx (blank) comic strip.pdf (blank)). If you can't print, just draw your own boxes. **Due Date June 5th ** Please e-mail your work when you are done! Happy cartooning!


    While you are home, you can also try this cool website where you can create a flipbook.

    Enjoy and happy cartooning! 



    Here are some YouTube videos you can draw along with:

    How To Draw... Blitz Cartoons by Bruce Blitz

    How to Draw Mickey Mouse | Disney

    American Cartoonist Walt Disney - Biography and Life Story