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    Welcome to Physical Education 

    Mrs. Hoernig 



    The Seaford High School PE department's goal is to promote safe and healthy physical activity that focuses on lifelong fitness, teamwork, problerm solving and character.  We are excited tp develop new units, games, and activities so that our students have the opportunity to be active while having fun during their school day.  Students will have the option to choose an elective in participation throughout the year.


    Department Members:

    Stephanie Bartkus

    Katie Hoernig

    Ralph Pascarella

    Michael Spreckels



    1. Each day you come into class you are graded out of 20pts using 4 categories:
      1. Attendance (5pts) – present for class and on time
      2. Attire (5pts) – appropriate dress as stated above
      3. Character/Safety (5pts) – following class/game rules, behaving appropriately
      4. Participation/Effort (5pts) – actively engaged in class
    2. If you are not dressed for class you lose 5 pts… you also lose participation points depending on what you are able to do.
    3. You get a separate grade for each unit we have. (Ex- Soccer, Badminton, Fitness). Grades are based on a points scale. Each unit will be averaged together for your quarter grade.
      1. Example – A fitness unit lasts 8 days. The unit will be worth 160 points. If you get 120pts out of 160pts, your grade for that unit is a 75.
    4. If you miss more than two classes in the same unit, you must make it up or you lose the 20 points for that day.