• Tri-M Officers



    President - Kerry Wise - Presides over meetings, prepares an agenda for the meetings, representative and spokesperson of the Chapter, on and off campus, facilitates formation of chapter goals, provides motivation and encouragement to fellow officers and members.


    Vice President - Sofia Perez - Publicizes meeting and chapter activities, schedules guest speakers with assistance from other chapter officers, educates new members on the history of Tri-M, helps organize the induction ceremony, secondary representative of the Chapter, on and off campus.


    Secretary - Samantha Ferrara - Records the chapter minutes, handles correspondence for the chapter, including thank you letters and interactions with other Tri-M chapters, along with being the keeper of the Tri-M Service Notes.


    Treasurer - Hailey Salce - Maintains membership records, prepares a chapter roster, maintains the chapter’s financial records.


    Historian - Nick Abbate - Teaches Tri-M Loyalty Song, Keeps record of chapter activities.