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    New Member Application

     If you would like to become a member of the

    Seaford Tri-M Music Honor Society, please click below:

    Click here for "New Member Tri-M Application form".




    Continuing Member Application

     If you are a continuing member of the Seaford HS Tri-M Honor Society  

    please fill out the continuing member form and hand in within the first week of school.

    Click here for "Continuing Member Form".  





    Service Notes

    Notes are yearly service hours dealing with music.  They must be separate from any other commitment, job or activity in which you use for service (no “double-dipping”). Some examples of Notes are; ushering at musical activities throughout the district, working with others on solos/music, helping at music camps (as long as you are not getting paid or using hours for another group), community events where you are an advocate of music that are not part of a graded system, etc. Click below for the Service Notes form.  Please fill out completely and hand to the band office doorbox.

    Click here for the Tri-M service hours log.