• Readers Workshop

    Second Grade Reading Growth Spurts

    Studying Characters and Their Stories

    Becoming Experts

    Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power

    Series Books Read Aloud: The Stories Julian Tells


    Writers Workshop Writing

    Lesson from the Masters

    Lab Reports

    A How To Guide to Nonfiction Writing


    Writing About Reading


    Math Math

    Unit 1: Number Concepts

    Unit 2: Numbers to 1,000

    Unit 3: Basic Facts and Relationships

    Unit 4: 2-Digit Addition

    Unit 5: 2 Digit Subtraction

    Unit 6: 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 7: Money and Time

    Unit 8: Length in Customary Units

    Unit 9: Length in Metric Units

    Unit 10: Data

    Unit 11: Geometry and Fractions


    Science Science

    Solids and Liquids (Physical)

    Pebbles, Sand, and Silt (Earth)

    Caterpillars to Butterflies (Life)


    Social Studies (Putnam) Social Studies

    Active Citizenship

    Rural, Urban, and Suburban

    Geography of Communities

    Change and Interdependence in Communities