• Habits of Mind

    Mrs. DeMieri’s Social & Emotional Learning

    1. Persisting
    2. Managing Impulsivity
    3. Listening to Others with Understanding and Empathy
    4. Thinking Flexibly
    5. Thinking About Our Thinking (Metacognition)
    6. Striving for Accuracy and Precision
    7. Questioning and Posing Problems
    8. Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
    9. Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
    10. Gathering Data Through All Senses
    11. Creating, Imagining and Innovating
    12. Responding with Wonderment and Awe
    13. Taking Responsible Risks
    14. Finding Humor
    15. Thinking Interdependently
    16. Learning Continuously

    Intro to Lions Quest and Second Step

    Identifying Emotions



    Expressing Emotions to others


    Impulse Control

    Stress Management

    Coping Skills

    Social Awareness

    Perspective taking

    Empathy & Respect

    Relationship Skills

    Communication/ Working Cooperatively

    Resolving Conflict

    Responsible Decision Making

    Problem identification

    Situation Analysis

    Problem Solving