• Readers Workshop

    Building Good Reading Habits

    Work Detectives

    Learning About the World

    Readers Have Big Jobs to Do

    Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons



    Writers Workshop Writing

    Small Moments

    Writing How to Books

    All About Books

    Writing Reviews

    From Scenes to Series



    Math Math

    Unit 1: Addition Concepts 

    Unit 2: Subtraction Concepts 

    Unit 3: Addition Strategies 

    Unit 4: Subtraction Strategies 

    Unit 5: Addition & Subtraction Relationships 

    Unit 6: Count & Model Numbers

    Unit 7: Compare Numbers

    Unit 8: Two-Digit Addition & Subtraction

    Unit 9: Measurement

    Unit 10: Represent Data 

    Unit 11: Three-Dimensional Geometry

    Unit 12: Two-Dimensional Geometry


    Science Science

    Sound and Light (Physical)

    Air and Weather (Earth)

    Larva to Ladybugs (Life)



    Social Studies (Putnam) Social Studies

    Rules and Laws

    Unity in Community

    We Are Family